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Oehlert - Terms & Conditions
  • Oehlert Bros., Inc. must be the exclusive supplier of fuel oil.
  • Once customer signs up for the Smart Pay program with price protection, the company must hedge that fuel for the coming season. All payments, including budget payments, are due upon receipt. All Smart Pay payments must be made on time in order to maintain cap protection. In the event that payment is past due and the Smart Pay balance is insufficient to cover delivered fuel, delivery may be rebilled at regular market price on the day of delivery for the outstanding balance. All other standard account payment terms will apply on late payments.
  • This agreement is exclusive of any applicable taxes. Taxes will be added to the agreed cap price for final price.
  • All service and contract billings must be paid in addition to Smart Pay payments. However, payment for your Oehlert Bros. Service Plan may be included with SmartPay Program and spread over 12 months.
  • This agreement is not subject to any act of any governmental authority related to supply or price. The agreement is also not subject to market conditions, any natural phenomenon, strike, embargo, disaster, or act of God which may interrupt, limit, or halt the supply of fuel, temporarily or permanently. No claim shall be made under this contract for special or consequential damages.
  • This contract shall not be transferred or assigned by customer in whole or in part, directly or indirectly.
  • The total numbers of price-protected gallons are estimated based on previous year's usage. Additional gallons of fuel purchased beyond budgeted gallons shall be billed at our normal posted market price on date of delivery.
  • PrePay enrollment ends June 30. Smart Pay enrollment is May 1, – July 31.
  • Terms of contract are valid from May 1 – April 30.


Customer Testimonials
  • “Your budget plan program has given me peace of mind.  Good to know I won’t be stuck with giant heating bills in the middle of winter.”
    --Eve O.
  • “I’m really pleased with how well the price protection has worked out for me this year.  I saved hundreds of dollars when the price of went way up.  I just wanted to let you know that I’m really glad I signed up.
    --Barbara B.

Oehlert Bros. Inc
TEL: ((610) 572-2845